TF2 Center

The TF2 Center Wave is designed to accommodate the needs of the new shorter, wider boards found across a variety of brands today. Wider tails and wider noses require a fin that can make tighter, almost pivot like turns, without slipping or compromising on speed. Featuring a straighter leading edge and less of a tip provides agility and eliminates drag, maintaining the speed in tight radius turns. The TF2 is designed to help the new generation of thruster boards like the Fanatic Stubby or the Quatro SuperMini, that have wider tails and wider noses, to pivot more on wave conditions allowing for tighter turns. This fin has a straighter leading edge entry and less tip providing more manoeuvrability and making the board more pivotal. The profile maximum thickness has been increased making your board a bit more turny. Leading-edge entry is sharper allowing to reach full speed. This fin has been designed to be used with regular MFC Thruster sides fins.