We have taken our time to design a harness that is solid and unique, strong and minimal, but without forgetting the important details

  • Ultralight & heavy-duty, made from non-absorbent materials
  • Bubble wrap technology EVA interior for advanced ergonomic support
  • New sliding bar strap design allows freedom while reducing vertical movement
  • MFC Buckles System
  • MFC Quick Release


Product is currently not available.

XS= 28-30” [ 71-76cm ] SB= 8” [ 20cm ] S= 30-32” [ 76-81cm ] SB= 10” [ 25cm ] M= 32-34” [ 81-86cm ] SB= 10” [ 25cm ] L= 34-36” [ 86-91cm ] SB= 10” [ 25cm ] XL= 36-38” [ 91-96cm ] SB= 12” [ 30cm ]

Marcilio Browne: “The new harness feels super light and extremely comfortable with plenty of back support. The new sliding hook system with the strap in the front of the hook stays where it has to, only sliding from side to side.”

Keith Teboul: “I can’t remember wearing it, that’s how comfortable it felt…”

View Slide Hook SetUp Video
Fixed Hook SetUp Video