This item will be released July 26, 2019.

All parts of the HYDROS are completely interchangeable.
You can add any piece and build your own quiver. Here are all the available FRONT WINGS

  • FW1000 — Kite & Big Wave
    Designed for all around kite foiling.
    For expert surfers only, tested in large size waves.
  • FW1075 — Small / Advanced Users
    Designed for surfers under 180lbs
    Medium to larger size waves.
  • FW1250 — Medium / Intermediate User
    Designed for surfers over 180lbs
    Smaller, less powerful waves
  • FW1400 — Large / Small Waves
    Used to break the M2M crossing record with a time of 2:17hrs
  • FW1600 — XLarge – DownWind
    Designed for heavier surfers
    For fast DownWind racing & Stand Up


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