All parts of the HYDROS are completely interchangeable. You can add any piece and build your own quiver. Here are all the available FRONT WINGS

> FW1000 — Wingspan 62cm | Kite & Big Wave
Designed for all around kite foiling.
For expert surfers only, tested in large size waves.

> FW1075 — Wingspan 65.3cm | Small / Advanced Users
Designed for surfers under 180lbs
Medium to larger size waves.

> FW1250 —Wingspan 72cm | Medium / Intermediate User
Designed for surfers over 180lbs
Smaller, less powerful waves

> FW1400 —Wingspan 78cm | Large / Small Waves
Used to break the M2M crossing record with a time of 2:17hrs

> FW1600 —Wingspan 85cm | XLarge – DownWind
Designed for heavier surfers
For fast DownWind racing & Stand Up