It’s impossible to talk about innovations and revolutions in windsurfing board design and construction without talking about Starboard. From beginner boards like the Start and Go! to radical new concepts in wave and race design with the EVO and iSonic ranges and everything in between, Starboard has always pushed the limits in our curiosity of how boards could feel under our feet. After testing and feedback with riders like Boujmaa Guiloul Starboard has decided to equip the 2017 Ultrakode 80, 86, 93, 99, and 105 with the MFC TF setup.

“After testing all the types of fins that the market has on offer, I decided that the MFC fins are the best to fit with the new shiny Ultrakodes as thruster set up! They are the fastest to get planing, they have the most top end speed and they have the perfect amount of flex in a bottom turn to give back an explosive top turn or air, never loosing the grip! Just what I was looking for!”
— Dani Bruch — Starboard rider and Official designer and tester

We’ve tried many FreeWave fins to pair with our Kodes and the MFC FreeWave has proven to be a favourite every time. It’s a real classic, finding just the right balance between grip, control, speed and maneuverability. Every year, we continue to develop and test new fins and this one is still the one to beat. I love it.
— Tiesda Yu