When it comes to wavesailing, Quatro has set the bar for maximum performance since 1994 with it’s headquarters placed at the heart of wavesailing, Maui’s North Shore. Keith Teboul’s vision and direction has influenced and driven the design of top pro’s custom wave dream boards for over 20 years. The production boards are a result of that unmatched feedback in research and development. And since 1996 the Quatro board range has featured MFC fin setups for every model in the range.

I’ve been working now with Pio Marasco & MFC for almost 20 years. It started as team rider and has slowly moved into desiging fins with Pio for the Quatro/Goya and KtSurfing lines of boards. Pio is able to take my crazy ideas and make them work and perform extremely well. It feels like we are just starting to touch the potential of where fin design and construction can go. It gets me excited just thinking about what’s to come in the future. Your fins are en extension of your board and the energy you put into your board. Harnessing this energy and channeling it into speed, drive, and turns are the goal. Pio and MFC understand these goals and help me achieve the best possible performance.
— Keith Teboul