Pritchard Windsurfing

Makers of some of the best windsurfing, SUP and SURF fins in the world, MFC have joined forces with Pritchard Windsurfing to provide Maui visitors with top of the line fins to test out in their boards. “I’m always seeing people struggling to maintain speed and control on the water, when I see the old fins they are using I can’t help but want to give them a new fin to test in order to feel the difference!” says Matt. Brothers Matt and Kevin have garnished multiple world championship titles between the two of them and continue to push the sport with commitment and stoke! Kevin won the 2014 AWT Wave Title and shows his dedication every day! Pio Marasco has been watching these guys since they were kids, “Working with the Pritchards is awesome- they are total professionals that are genuine down to earth dudes who just want to have fun and rip waves apart!” says Pio. Matt spends a lot of time doing private lessons and wave camps teaching people how to improve their sailing skills. “I love it- getting to meet great people everyday and share some knowledge about windsurfing, it is a dream to be able to do this” comments MattKevin spends time developing his own range of fins, the K One Wave  for the free riders out there! Kevin said it best, “I used to spend an incredible amount of time and money searching for the perfect fin to win Championships and now I have them- I love being able to make a great fin, put my name on it and let others feel the power!”