Naish SUP & MFC

There are no other brands with as much combined experience in the water, on all types of crafts than Naish and Maui Fin Company. There’s been great cooperation between the Naish and MFC team for years on the windsurfing side, with Kai Lenny, Michi Schweiger, and Robby Naish providing influential feedback to steer the development of the fins for the windsurfing range.

Naturally, it made sense to transition into the other realms of their passions, and with a long-standing relationship between Kai Lenny and MFC, the choice was simple to equip the 2018 Naish range with MFC fins. Now you have exactly what the guys have – the best possible fin setup for your 2018 Naish SUP board. With more than 2 years of development throughout the SUP board and fin range, the team at Naish and MFC have picked the perfect fin setup to maximize the range of your new Naish SUP board!

The Naish Alana, Hokua, Nalu, Mana, Touring, and Glide ranges will include a set of MFC fins – either C-1 or SUPERWEED (Touring & Glide) centers with Kai sides. Custom Naish Limited Edition graphics make these MFC fins one of a kind, as well as MFC’s Bio-Resin construction means you’re purchasing the most eco-friendly, sustainably developed, fins on the planet.