Awake and MFC are brands that share the love for extreme water sports, and through mutual development, creativity, and quality, Awake and MFC will continue to push boundaries within the electric sports industry.

Philip Werner, Founder, and CEO of Awake got the idea for an electric surfboard back in 2012. Philip is a problem solver, and after many years within the wakeboarding community, he set out to solve a major one within the sport, the need for a wakeboard boat… Now, six years later, with the help of Awake Founders Daniel Aronsson, Mikael Kajbring, and a dedicated development and production crew, Philip’s original idea has taken a new form; Awake RÄVIK.

The development of the RÄVIK is a collaboration between senior designers, electro- and mechanical engineers, software developers, and production industry professionals. Our mission is to deliver a new benchmark within the electric surfboard segment, and no compromises have been made in our pursuit.