TWS – A Unique Windsurf Center

Enjoy a valet rigging service at the world’s only genuine test and demo center. No matter what your level, becoming in tune with your gear is vital to improving and finding value for money in equipment.

With over 115 of the latest freeride, free slalom and wave sails and more than 95 boards from eight different brands – all rigged on premium masts, full carbon booms and in the lightest and strongest board constructions – TWS and its friendly, experienced, multilingual staff will help you to find the most effective gear for your needs.

Suitable for anyone capable of water start and planing in the straps and harness. El Médano, with a large sailing area suitable for freeride, wave and slalom sailing, is an ideal location for families and windsurfers with the beachside TWS center in the prime launching location.

Home to loads of pros, Tenerife is a reliable wind destination almost any time of the year, with easy flight access from European cities and a quick transfer from the airport. Please check with us for group rates, clinic weeks and training camps and the latest products on the racks waiting for you. Just pack your harness and fall in love with the best gear available to practice the best sport in the world!

During the winter months, we offer high-end slalom equipment with full race sails ranging from 5.4 till 8.4.

TWS is also foiling now! Start to have fun from less than 15 knots by trying the different models of MFC Hawaii wind foils and surf foils.

Whether it’s plus 40+ knots and you want to sail 3,6 or smaller or it’s a nice and calm free ride or slalom racing day we provide you with the gear that suits you.

Exhausted from windsurfing all day? And need some rest? We also make you happy with SUP boards, surf- and body boards or a mountain-/ road bike tour around Tenerife or even up to the volcano, the Teide.

The most used range at our center are the boards between 80 and 95 liters and therefore we have a wide range of boards in these volumes; single fin, thrusters and quad boards. We have the latest models for you to rent and test and change regularly so you will only get board in superb condition. We are always the first to receive the new models from the brands we work with and always in the high-end editions. So even before the new boards are in the shops you can already use them at our center!

 Slalom Training

Each winter we organize the TWS, Pro Slalom Training from the beginning of January till the middle of April. A big part of the PWA and IFCA riders join us 4 days per week to train for their upcoming racing season.
All riders joining us proofed big progress in their results thanks to the trainings.

If you visit our center you can rent the same slalom gear as the top riders are using. You can just have a blast in the bay with friends or even join some trainings on our down-wind slalom course. The TWS Slalom Sessions are suited for individuals slalom sailing enthusiast or groups of friends, retailers, distributors, windsurf clubs or anybody else who wants to have fun and blast on our high-end slalom gear.