From classical shapes to forward thinking explorations, NoveNove continues to push the envelope in performance and design for windsurfing under the guidance of Cesare Cantagalli. Kauli Seadi has been a driving force behind MFC fin design for over 10 years, so it was a natural decision to pair his fins with his latest innovative board designs as he started his new relationship with NoveNove.


Strong connection between long term friendship and professional relationship is the perfect match for 99 to integrate MFC fins on to our new 2017 windsurf boards collection. All our 99 WS boards are being designed and tuned to top performance with MFC fins. For the KS model wave board, there has been a close development shared between Kauli and MFC to develop his innovative and unique boards designs, which have once again signed up for a new era of progressive wave riding style and innovative shapes.
— Cesare Cantagalli


To check out the 2017 NoveNove KS Model, click here