New MFC H1 Racing FIN


Maui Fin Company Launches New MFC H1 Racing FIN
Kai Hopf & Pio Marasco join forces to create the new MFC H1 Racing fin for slalom sailors worldwide!


—MAUI, HI. October 19th, 2016— 

During the winter of 2015 it became apparent that there was a solid connection between Kai Hopf & Pio Marasco and a mutual desire to create something new and unique in the racing world from Maui.

Pio Marasco: “Kai and I have known each other for a long time and there has always been a definite mutual respect for the work we do. We have been talking about cooperating for awhile, we did some surfing fins together last winter and soon enough we decided to work on the new Racing fin for MFC: The H1 was born, and we can’t wait to do some more!”


The H1 is available in two models, a high performance Carbon and a classic G10 construction.
The fast and responsive lay-up patterns of the carbon composites, combined with the flexibility being controlled by the placement of the layers in the mold and the specific resin type we use, makes the H1 Carbon the weapon of choice to be the fastest racer on earth. The H1 G10 offers a more affordable solution enhanced with a super light black primer which smooths out the G10 and makes it less susceptible to cavitation at very high speeds than regular G10 alone. 


We are stoked to be releasing the fin with Gabriel Browne as our primary race tester and developer. We have been using the latest in telemetry technology with devices such as the Xensr Air. We have objectively watched our designs result in improved speeds and smoother board trim. The MFC team, with the new addition of Kai Hopf on the design team, is committed to continue driving development further to push fin design to the next level in the way only the MFC brand can.  #worldsfastestfins


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