Keith Teboul is recognized as an accomplished surfer and windsurfer and has been held in the highest regard as a shaper who is at the forefront of the surf industry. With a successful windsurf board company, Quatro, Keith has long been pushing the boundaries in board design. He has been the go-to shaper for many professional windsurfers and he has carved out countless custom surfboards since he began shaping in 1997. Being in the water almost as much as he is out of it, as well as his background in windsurfing which brings the element of speed into his designs, gives him a distinct advantage as a surfer and a shaper. The two different styles of boards, surfing and windsurfing, feed off of each other. Added to that, his personal experiences in different breaks ranging from “junky Ho’okipa” in Maui to “perfect Marshall Islands” helps him to understand what is required to surf different breaks and all this knowledge translates into his surfboard design. He says, “the best part about being a shaper is making people happy and making a new board for myself, getting to try it, feeling something new and learning all at the same time.”