Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi


Kauli is a very determined athlete. He does all that is necessary to become an A athlete, with specific training, and he takes care of the psycological part through Yoga, physical conditioning and nourishment.

His main characteristic is his radical surf style. Bold and insatiable he always want to be the first to get in the water and the last one to leave. Always trying and testing new manuevers. He trains, on the average, 6 hours a day.

His prefered modalities are Wave and freestyle. When in Brazil sails in Florianópolis, where he lives, on the beaches of Moçambique, Mole and Campeche. But his best place is Ibiraquera (Imbituba beach). Abroad his HQ is in Hookipa, Maui/Hawaii.

When there isn’t enough wind to windsurf, he loves to surf, kitesurf, standup Paddle, towin, foilsurf, windskate, paraglide or motocross. And Now I like to stay the most time as I can at Home Pressing my Lorinha and going windsurf at my home break with friends !!!