Introducing the all new MFC XXL R2 Quad set developed by Kai Lenny for big wave riding. Speed, power, and flow- the fluid combination of the three that is every surfers’ aspiration- is increasingly more critical, and more difficult to control, in larger surf. When it’s right, you can have the wave of your life, but when it’s wrong, you can find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. Pulling from the endless wave knowledge of Kai and MFC, the all new XXL R2 Quad set offers unmatched speed and drive with the rear fins slightly larger than the front- opposite than the traditional quad setup for surfing.  Exclusive MFC Epoxy RTM construction with bi-axial carbon layers and an 80/20 profile provides precision control at the high speeds experienced in massive waves.  And with over 20 sessions under his belt at Jaws during the El Nino winter of 2015-2016, Kai and MFC know that the 5 years of R&D behind the XXL R2 Quad set was worth it.  Now available in stores worldwide- it’s your turn to experience the revolution in big wave fin design!

This is the new concept from Kai Lenny and MFC Hawaii. We search for more speed and control on Big Surf. We finally came up with the right combination in between profiles on rear and front fins, together with outlines and composites construction.

The rear fins are bigger sizes then the front fins. The profiles are 80/20 and the construction is full carbon composites to control flexibility and torsion of this fin set. In this size surf, everything has to work together to give you the right speed to get out of critical situations. We believe we have achieved it.

> Available Sizes: One size only
> Construction: RTM Epoxy Carbon
> Box Systems: Tabs & FTU

> Rear Measurements:
Base width: 95mm
Hight: 110.25mm
Surface Area: 81.2sqcm
> Front Measurements:
Base width: 90mm
Hight: 102mm
Surface Area: 65.61sqcm