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[text_output]In the Hawaiian language Kai means ocean, and Kai Lenny with out dispute lives up to his name. He was raised on the beach and in the ocean. Native of Maui and born to parents who love to surf and windsurf, Kai’s surfing skills were nurtured from the beginning of his life.

Kai began surfing waves by the age of four, windsurfing by age six, stand up paddle surfing by age seven, and kite surfing at age nine. Learning each skill set came to him very naturally. From this young age his love affair with the ocean and the waves began and prospered.

As Kai grew up, he witnessed legendary watermen not only doing amazing feats on the water, but also innovating new sports. Kai’s willingness to keep an open mind and try the newly developed sports allowed for a strong foundation in his surfing.

Kai has been very fortunate to grow up around surfing legends like Robby Naish, Dave Kalama, Buzzy Kerbox, and Laird Hamilton. Over the years he has absorbed their teachings and knowledge not only in the water but off the water as well. Having such supportive mentors and family helped Kai realize his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Kai loves competition; currently his main competitive sport is SUP.  He already holds three World Championships at his youthful age. His thirst for competition keeps him traveling the globe. Kai enjoys the opportunity to learn from each of the different cultures he is exposed to.

The lessons from his mentors include making time to teach the youth and Kai loves to work with children. He often participates with Na Ka Ma Kai, an organization that conducts water clinics for children on Oahu and the neighboring islands. Kai has also created an organization: “Positively Kai”. The objective Positively Kai is to set up training clinics to introduce kids to water sports that suit their locations.

In or out of the water, Kai brings his positive-can-do attitude to everything that he participates in. He is extremely grateful to have experienced so much at such an early age. His enthusiasm is highly contagious and he looks forward to sharing his fun-loving spirit and passion for the water with everyone he meets.[/text_output]

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