Josh Stone

Josh Stone was born into a legacy of Hawaiian watermen.  Coming from a famous surfing family, Josh was drawn to the exciting, dynamic sport of windsurfing at a young age, which predestined him to move from Oahu to Maui, the windsurf capital of the world, to tune his abilities so that he could make a name for himself on the professional tour.

While focusing on his life goal of becoming a world champion, Josh fell in love with the beauty and relaxing lifestyle of Maui.  After fifteen very successful years on the professional windsurfing tour, which included two world champion titles, Josh decided it was time to stick closer to home to raise his family on the North Shore.

With his wife Amy and two kids, Harley and Savanna, Josh brought the discipline and work ethic learned from many years of being a professional athlete into his local investments and small town developments, eventually opened numerous businesses throughout the North Shore area.  His motto is, “You only go around once, so you better go hard,” and it shows in his gung ho approach to investing and playing.  Because of Josh’s long list of ventures he has become extremely knowledgeable on the intricacies and pitfalls of the Maui County governance and has found a strong working relationship with the local government, no easy task by any developer’s standards.

Although Josh believes in working hard, he would never let work out balance the need for play.  Josh can be seen at some point in every day in the water surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling or tow surfing.  If you ask Josh how he feels about his infamous play time he’ll tell you, “What’s the point of living on Maui if you don’t appreciate the beauty of Maui.”  He is a person that truly lives and loves the Maui lifestyle.