Francisco Goya

“I have always been passionate about sports and product design. As a kid I remember tuning my skateboard tracks from the pieces that we could find at the hardware store, while my brother would work on graphics. As windsurfing showed up in the 80’s, I got instantly hooked on it, I couldn’t believe that just the wind could get you going that fast, and that you could go straight on to waves, literally taking off. Back then the gear wasn’t what it is today, so I understood that to be able to ride how I wanted, I would need developed the whole experience from scratch. Our first good attempt was a surfboard with glued on footstraps. This feeling is still in me, and the drive of our business and team” — Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya: US & PWA WAVE WORLD CHAMPION 2000, founder of QUATRO, GOYA, one of the most innovative wave riders in the sport