Fish Bowl Diaries

Fish Bowl Diaries


Paul & I have been professional photographers for about 15 years and I have been running our own business, Amorphia Photography, since 2006. Sometimes it hits me just how fortunate we are to do a job that we are passionate about and still love.  We have always had too much wanderlust running through our veins to commit to settling down to a ‘normal’ life and photography is a perfect fit for our lifestyle.

Paul has been windsurfing since the age of 13 and to say he enjoys the sport is a huge understatement! Wind websites get checked on a daily basis and I’ve lost count how many times he’s watched Below the Surface or Mind Winds Open or Four Dimensions … the list is endless!

As for me, I’m creative and artsy but utterly unorganised, much to my own dismay (and Paul’s!). Other than photography I also create handmade pieces of jewelry but my passion is photographing people, capturing someone’s soul & personality in one click… by no means an easy request!

The windsurfing/surfing photography began many years ago, back in the 90s. It was a way of keeping occupied whilst Paul was windsurfing but in the last few years it turned into something far more than just killing time on the beach and Fish Bowl Diaires evolved and grew. Much to our surprise, over the past couple of years we have meet people from all over the world who have been following our Facebook page and enjoying our land and water images.

Ok, that’s it in a nutshell! If you want more info or want to keep up to date with our news, hunt us down on social media!

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