2016 Windsurf Season

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2016 Windsurf Season

—MAUI, HI. November 17th, 2016— 


It’s been an incredible season for the 2016 PWA World Tour and MFC Hawaii has come out on top!


MAHALO to the amazing MFC team and their accomplishments this year. Huge congrats to Victor Fernandez and Gollito Estredo on taking World Titles in Wave and Freestyle, and Marcilio Brawzinho Browne taking 3rd overall in Waves for 2016!


Wrapping up the PWA tour with the Aloha Classic, MFC riders filled the podium with Kevin Pritchard at the top followed by Brawzinho, Levi, Kai Lenny, and Bernd behind him on men’s side. For the women, after holding onto the number 1 spot in a heavy single elimination, Sarah Hauser finished in 2nd at the Aloha and secured her 2nd overall title in the American Windsurfing Tour, alongside MFC teammate Boujmaa Guilloul.


KP took down his younger adversaries and solidified his position on top by repeatedly hitting the lip of nasty 10-ft Hookipa faces while Brawzinho and Levi were close on his heels with mind-blowing riding. Together the 3 champs raised the bar of performance windsurfing – with the whole world watching thanks to the phenomenal live broadcast provided by Ocean Paddler TV. Kai Lenny reminded everyone that he’s not only a top WSL Big Wave Tour contender, SUP champion, and general innovator of all watersports, but that his roots lie in windsurfing and he’s not letting up in keeping up with the top guys. Amazing flow coupled with speed and power – Kai put on a performance that earned him a well deserved 4th place. And if he didn’t have to leave for the ISA SUP World Championships after the WSL Peahi Challenge – all during the Aloha Classic – we have no doubt he would have given the top 3 a run for their money in the double.


After a full summer traveling the world competing in major SUP events, Bernd Roediger (2x Aloha Classic Champion) showed up at Hookipa and confirmed he is still in total control. He and Kai had a battle of progressive wave-riding in light winds and overhead waves, perfect to display their skills, but Bernd had to leave it to Kai who was on a roll after coming through the loser’s rounds.


The women’s division was dominated by the superstar Sarah Hauser. Her style and riding is next level, and she was incredibly comfortable in the big and gnarly conditions, with a deserving spot at the top of the podium after the single. Unfortunately in the final hour of the last day the call was made to finish the womens’ double in barely contestable conditions. It made it tricky for Sarah to find any waves, but that’s the way competition goes.


Thank you to all the riders – Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, Boujmaa Guiloul, Antoine Martin, Diony Guadagnino, Camille Juban, Klaas Voget, John Skye, Keith Teboul, Julien Taboulet, and all the riders who make MFC’s dream a reality and keep pushing the sport to the next level. Also massive thanks to MFC affiliate brand NoveNove and the American Windsurfing Tour for keeping the Aloha Classic alive!


2 PWA World titles for 2016, WOW!  Victor Fernandez sealed his 2nd PWA Wave World Title here in Maui, and Gollito Estredo in Sylt last month was able to grab his 7th PWA Freestyle World Title at the hands of a hungry Amado.  Nobody does it like Gollito and we are eagerly waiting for the 2017 season to start to watch these guys go for more!


Thank you everyone who is a part of the MFC team and family – this was a year for the books!
Looking forward to 2017- let’s keep dreaming!

1- Victor Fernandez
3- Marcilio Browne
PWA Freestyle World Champion
Gollito Estredo

Nove Nove Aloha Classic 2016 

1- Kevin Pritchard
2- Marcilio Browne
3- Levi Siver
4- Kai Lenny
5- Bernd Roediger
2- Sarah Hauser